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Bali Village’s unique villas draw their inspiration from the “Salakot”, the traditional Asian farmer’s hat. The village is located along the same beach as Balesin Village but lies at its northernmost end. Each Bali villa has a wraparound porch that provides a relaxing ambiance. For a more romantic and secluded experience, members and guests can stay in one of the water villas that provide the most captivating panoramic views on the island.


The Bali Warung

The central pavilion, called the Warung, has many distinctive details, from the carved main doors (from a real Balinese house, transported directly to Balesin) to the intricate friezes on the walls. We are told by some guests that even the gentle fragrance of the place (from the wood species and fabrics) recalls Indonesia. The dramatic entrance to the Warung showcases authentic Balinese carvings, including the mythical garuda bird, and a wayang kulit shadow puppet adorns the side table.

Dramatic wooden masks on the walls were reproduced by Balesin’s Ifugao woodcarvers from much smaller originals. Indonesian fabrics dominate the main salon and dining area, which is equipped with comfortable, casual furniture.


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