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Mykonos Village stands in contrast to other Balesin Island Club villages. With its whitewashed walls, blue windows and doors, and winding cobblestone roads, it is an authentic recreation of the world-famous Greek isle. Instead of an outdoor porch, each Mykonos villa has a rooftop deck that comes with a large lounge area and whirlpool tub, making it the perfect place to throw a party.

For more spacious accommodations, the Mykonos Beach Villas are ideal for families and large groups who want to stay together. Named after the gods of Greek mythology, these 33 rooms are highlighted by a unique indoor-outdoor swimming pool, at the Poseidon area.

mykonos-village-thanassis-taverna (2).jpg

Thanassis Taverna

The main restaurant of Mykonos is the Thanassis Taverna, named after Chef Thanassis Koumpiadis, a Greek restaurateur from Rhodes who spent several months on the island to train the Filipino cooks in creating authentic Greek dishes such as saganaki, moussaka, grilled lamb ribs, and souvlaki. The central dining room has a high, airy ceiling; an intimate private dining room on an upper level overlooks it through an arched cutout balcony. An upper outdoor deck overlooks the ocean.


The Taverna is richly decorated with ceramics and artwork from the Greek Islands, and the color theme of white and blue along with the seaside ambiance further enhance the authenticity of the experience.


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