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Phuket Village is tucked away in the southern part of Balesin Island. Each Phuket villa is characterized by multiple roof tiers, undulating serpentine shapes, and blade-like roof projections which are hallmarks of the rich Thai heritage. Phuket villas are similar in layout to Bali and Balesin villas, with an outdoor deck, daybed, and lounge chairs and tables for relaxing. A lush green forest surrounds Phuket Village and the views here are of Lamon Bay, for the sunrise, and the Pacific Ocean, for the sunset.

balesin-discover-phuket-village (2).jpg

Phuket Salathip

Phuket’s central pavilion, Salathip, is designed to evoke the ancient royal Thai lifestyle. The graceful lines of the roof, with its sharp peaks, are characteristically Thai, as are the milk-chocolate finish of the wooden columns and ceiling accents.

Salathip features authentic Thai cuisine, developed by Balesin’s own Thai chef. It can be quite spicy, as it always is in Thailand, but the kitchen is ready to adjust it, on request, for more moderate tastes.


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